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Human Trafficking

I was behind a car which had a tiny sticker in the window that said “Stop human trafficking”. It made me wonder what the point was. Was it an instruction to the viewer, as though the driver expected human traffickers to be on the road behind her in Morrisville, North Carolina? Or maybe just a general expression of a viewpoint, on the assumption that the driver would regularly encounter people who are pro-human-trafficking and who may change their ideas upon seeing this window sticker?

I was so befuddled by this sticker that when I got home I Googled “Stop Human Trafficking” and found that since 2007 the Human Trafficking Resource Center has identified and assisted with nearly 500 cases of human trafficking in the state of North Carolina, and that last year alone they addressed 53 cases of human trafficking involving US citizens in my fair state. The website outlined how to spot signs of human trafficking and report it to the proper authorities.

Maybe that’s exactly what the sticker was designed to make me do. I guess it worked.


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