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The Cruise

1000 hours
Maintenance Bay

Time to start cleaning the passenger cabins. This is my favorite part of the day! I have the privilege of serving aboard the finest cruise liner ever produced, and I have the honor of ensuring that every passenger’s cabin has the cleanest floors, tidiest beds, and sparkliest bathrooms they have ever seen.

I can’t wait!

1138 hours
Passenger deck 1, cabin 42

By the time cabin cleaning duty starts, most passengers are participating in Planned Events or up on the Recreation Deck. However, Passenger David Lane is always present in his cabin when I come to clean it. Every cabin is fitted with a state-of-the-art television system capable of playing shows from nearly every channel known to man. Passenger David is watching one of these channels every time I come in.

What a miraculous triumph of technology that passengers can view not only channels from their home countries but also from places they have never been! And what a triumph of human artistry that every minute of every day there are hundreds of channels of content just waiting to be viewed! That something as complex as a human being can receive sufficient mental stimulation without having to leave the bed is a remarkable achievement indeed.

I endeavor to not distract Passenger David as I tidy up his cabin. I believe I have succeeded, as he does not even appear to have noticed my presence.

1242 hours
Passenger deck 1, cabin 74

Though most of the passengers are currently in one of the ship’s three Dining Halls, Passengers Norio and Carol Saito are both present in their cabin when I enter. Their conversation stops abruptly as the door opens, but when they recognize me they resume their discussion. Passenger Carol seems concerned about the interest Passenger Norio showed in another passenger when they were on the Sun Deck this morning.

As I enter the bathroom and begin scrubbing, I note the intensity of Passenger Carol’s tone. It is truly amazing how the institution of marriage can inspire such passionate feeling in people. I make a note to inform the Ship Captain that Passengers Carol and Norio may need some special care. It is a privilege to be able to help these passengers even in such a small way.

1325 hours
Passenger deck 1, dining hall

During the hour after lunch it is my job to tidy up the dining hall on the first passenger deck. Most of the passengers have returned to their cabins, but I am pleased to see Passenger Cameron Brown enjoying a beverage at the bar. He appears to be in conversation with Passenger Michelle Taylor.

As I begin straightening the seats and wiping the surface of the bar, I can hear their conversation. Passenger Cameron is telling stories from his youth, primarily focused on the victories experienced by his sports team. I recall hearing the Ship Navigator telling a crew member that Passenger Cameron was a collegiate player of small renown. I have had the opportunity to hear Passenger Cameron’s stories several times so far on the voyage, however, and I believe the Ship Navigator must have been mistaken. It appears that he was in fact quite well-known during the years he played, and in fact would have experienced an illustrious professional career were it not for an unfortunate injury.

As I move away from the bar and begin sweeping the floor around the tables, I contemplate how lucky we are to have such a celebrity on board the ship. It is of course my pleasure to serve every passenger on board this ship, but the thought of being able to facilitate the relaxation of one such as Passenger Cameron is quite thrilling!

1409 hours
Passenger deck 1, cabin 117

I am unsurprised to find Passenger Harold James in his cabin when I enter. He is speaking to someone on his mobile device, so I endeavor to be as quiet as possible. The ship, of course, has wireless access for all passengers and allows communication with the outside world even mid-voyage.

Passenger Harold is talking to a relative about the conditions on the ship. It appears that he had an unfortunate encounter with another passenger. He states that he does not feel safe in most of the common areas because the charter company allows certain people on board the ship. It is not clear from his conversation to whom he is referring, but I make a note to contact the Ship Security Chief to ensure that there are no known terrorists or other undesirables on board. The ship security is the best in the business, and I have never known of a serious incident aboard this cruise liner.

I hope that Passenger Harold is not spending all this time in his cabin because of his fears. I will ensure that the Ship Activity Coordinator makes Passenger Harold aware of all the solo entertainment options the ship has to offer. It is truly marvelous that the ship has so many activities to cater to any individual or taste!

1455 hours
Passenger deck 1, cabin 141

Passenger Adriana Garcia greets me warmly as I enter her room. The first day, I was concerned I would appear rude, since I am not permitted to speak with passengers while on duty. However, she does not appear perturbed by my silence. Instead, she continues to share stories from her childhood and to tell me of her relatives and their lives.

I have seen Passenger Adriana on the Sun Deck before talking with other passengers, and have noted that she seems to experience gratification from telling these stories. I am glad she is friendly to me as well. I regret that the Official Policy does not allow pets on board, because she has told me that she misses her cat, Graciela. It is wonderful that, despite this temporary separation, Passenger Adriana was able to join us on this cruise. I am very pleased to take even a small part in improving her cruise experience!

1522 hours
Passenger deck 1, viewing area

I am returning to the maintenance bay for a recharge before starting on cabin 1 again. My path takes me through the Viewing Area, which is completely empty. Our cruise ship, the Stellar Princess, is maneuvering past the Orion Nebula in preparation for its next jump. Being human must truly be a wonderful thing, to experience such beauty and feel such joy! Truly, is there any better time than now?


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