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The CD Binder, Part 2

Being a continuation of the story told previously, entitled The CD Binder, Part 1.

I first told that story many years after it happened, on a now-defunct Internet forum. Surprisingly, the story proved to be incredibly divisive and highly charged with gender issues. In short, there was a vocal contingent who asserted that knocking on the window of the car could have caused its occupants such distress that if it weren’t possible to gain their attention via less-threatening means, it would be better to let them drive off with the CD binder on top of their car.

Attentive readers will recall that I did in fact allow them to drive off with the eponymous binder still atop their vehicle. However, after telling the story I expressed regret that I had done so and a hope that I would make a different decision today. As a result, I ended up feeling (ironically) attacked and accused of being both creepy and insensitive to women’s issues. My response was, shall we say, sub-optimal, and I don’t think anybody left that discussion happy.

Life is complicated sometimes. It’s unfortunately not possible to please everybody. I now feel doubly the villain in this story; first, when choosing to do nothing after observing the errant binder, and second, when reacting defensively to new information. I hope for vigorous debate in the comments, if only to provide ample opportunity for a hat trick of failure.

If I figure this all out, I’ll be sure to let you know.


3 thoughts on “The CD Binder, Part 2

  1. Do you think it would have worked to wave your arms vigorously and point to their roof? that might at least give them the option to either get out and look on the roof or roll down the window and ask what on earth you meant without scaring them to death.


    1. I often speculate about what may or may not have worked. I could have tried to get them to roll down a window, though they may have thought I was just being creepy and hitting on them and driven away. I could have attempted to use hand motions, but seeing a possibly deranged person making odd motions in their direction could have also caused fright. I could have attempted to convey the concept “you left your CD binder atop your car” via interpretive dance, but perhaps they were too engrossed in their conversation to even notice me.

      I find myself so befuddled by the entire situation. I honestly don’t know if there is no good answer or if I’m just so unable to see and empathize with others’ viewpoints that I can’t comprehend the good answer that exists.


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