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Veteran Reserved Parking

At the grocery store near my house, it seems like half the parking spots are reserved for special groups. This is a gross exaggeration (do you expect anything less from me?), but it feels like it’s true when trying to find a spot on a busy evening.

Anyway, they have the usual complement of handicapped parking spots, which is entirely reasonable. But then they also have spots which are labeled “parking for mothers with young children”.

This has always annoyed me. I wonder, “what about fathers with young children?” Apparently they can fend for parking on their own. I gleefully disregard these signs and park in those spots with abandon.

Recently, though, they’ve put up another sign: “Veteran reserved parking” (not “reserved veteran parking”, but “veteran reserved parking”). And these signs are blocking off some of the best spots left available.

Now, keep in mind, these spots aren’t for disabled veterans. They can park in the handicapped spots. So the spots are reserved just for men and women who have chosen to serve in the armed forces.

It’s certainly the store’s prerogative if they want to honor specific groups of people. I personally think it’s a bit baloney. Don’t make parking any more complicated than it needs to be.

But I still don’t park in those spots. Veterans are high on the list of people I don’t want mad at me.


2 thoughts on “Veteran Reserved Parking

  1. Our store also has spots for people picking up grocery orders rather than shopping for themselves. I used to be irritated that they were special and I, who was doing the work myself, was not. But since I am now a pick-up customer, I can see that the person bringing the groceries out needs to know where the car is. So now I can see why it’s necessary.


    1. Our store has a special lane for people picking up curbside orders. If there are more than about two cars picking up orders, they overflow into the fire lane. This does not seem ideal, but it’s not a problem I am usually faced with personally (we still go inside and shop like Neanderthals).


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