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Big Time Scramble

When I was in second grade (about 8 years old), my best friend James and I had a game we’d play called Big Time Scramble. When we were going somewhere as a class and the door was closing in front of us, we wouldn’t grab the door, we’d try to run through it without touching it. While you were running through it you would say “Big Time Scramble!”, and the closer the door was to fully closing when you went through, the cooler you were.

One day we were walking back to our classroom. I had already gone through the door and James decided to go for a Big Time Scramble. He barely made it through, but the door closed in the face of the girl behind him. She told the teacher that he shut the door in her face and James got a talking to. I don’t think anything else came of it, but we stopped playing Big Time Scramble after that.


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