The Moment of Clarity

When I was a freshman at Virginia Tech, I lived on the Upper Quad, where the Corps of Cadets lived. To be clear, I was not a cadet, but I lived in the civilian dorms next to where the cadets lived.

I remember one day walking back to my dorm when I saw a group of cadets walking toward the dining hall. They were laughing and joking, and this was the first time I really saw them as being the same age as I was. It got me thinking about how crazy it was to make such a big decision — to join the military as an officer — at such a young age.

But then I realized, my situation was really no different. I had chosen to major in Computer Science. I didn’t really know what I was doing with my life, and maybe they didn’t either, but we were making decisions anyway and forging ahead the best we knew how.

These thoughts terrified me, and I think I went back to my dorm and played video games for a while until they went away.

It’s probably for the best that nobody told me that adulthood means constantly making decisions I am painfully unequipped to make and forging ahead despite having no idea what I’m doing.

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