The Plain

A vast plain
spreads out before me,
with towers of various size.
Some with no doors, some that are all door.
One is made of eyes. It’s looking
at me.

I lie
in a bed of roses, surrounded by blossoms and thorns.
The clouds are black and look like
The sky is the bluest blue I have ever seen. Maybe it’s an ocean.

Moving between the towers are some
Some on four legs, some on two.
I think I see one with three legs. And some have no legs at all.
The creatures are carrying things on their shoulders.
Long things. Like poles.

A whistle blows in the distance. The creatures stop.
The towers
and sink into the ground slowly.
The black rocklike clouds
start moving slowly toward the towers
now faster like a toy boat being drawn into a bathtub drain
each tower a vortex drawing the clouds in faster until each one is sucked down
into the purple earth.

There is a horse
standing beside me.
It speaks words of truth in the language of horses.
A vast portal rises from the ground and begins to glow.
Swirling colors,
flashing lights,

I wake up. Time to get ready for work.
I wonder where my journeys will take me tomorrow night.

Notes for The Plain

It took me a while to have the courage to post this one. I wanted to try something surreal. Not just linguistically surreal like Virus, but surreal like a crazy dream. In fact, I decided to turn it into a dream. The last line is definitely reminiscent of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, which to this day is a book I absolutely love.

This particular poem and style might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It might not be my cup of tea. But it was inside me somewhere and I’m glad to have gotten it out on (virtual) paper.

One thought on “The Plain

  1. I kept trying to figure out the perspective of the speaker in a way that would make everything fit into reality. It was helpful to discover it was a dream because I failed at finding the perspective I sought..


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