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The Ford Fiesta

The first car I ever purchased was a 2011 Ford Fiesta.

The car I’d been driving before then, my mom’s Nissan Quest minivan, had finally decided to give up the ghost. Unfortunately, I was right in the middle of a crunch time at work and didn’t really have the time or mental energy to go car shopping, so I just rode my bike to work for a couple of weeks until I finished my project.

Ford had just decided to bring the Fiesta — a hit in the international market — to America as its new entry-level car. They produced a sedan because Americans have no style, but also produced a hatchback. And the signature color for the Fiesta was a color called Lime Squeeze Green, a color that can’t help but be noticed.

I knew this was the car I wanted. So one Saturday in August, I rode my bike in to work. I’m not in the habit of working on Saturday, but I had just a little bit to finish up on the project I was working on. After I finished, I called my good friend and said “hey, you wanna pick me up and take me to the Ford dealership?”

Their website said they didn’t have any green Fiesta hatchbacks in stock, but I figured at least I could order one. But when we arrived, it turned out that they did have one — used! Someone had bought it and then decided they didn’t love the color and sold it back to the dealership with 160 miles on the odometer.

Even better, it was a top-spec SES model rather than the base-spec SE. 16-inch alloy wheels, Ford SYNC entertainment system, heated leather seats, mirror defoggers, and a couple of other bits and bobs. I wasn’t interested in paying for these features, but since I was buying a “used” car, I got a top-spec Fiesta for the price of a base model.

I had a love / hate relationship with this car. I bought it in 2010 and it lasted me nearly 10 years, which is much less time than I would prefer a car to last. But it was fun to drive and fit into my budget.

I sold the Fiesta just this year. It will always be my first car I bought and owned myself.


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