The First Vet Trip (the Cats, Part 2)

Our first foray into pet ownership is, as of this writing, about three months in. It’s been an adventure already!

Less than a week after we got the cats (about one month pre-quarantine), we came home from work and noticed that there were a couple of blood spots on the couch. They were located where Gillie usually lies down, so of course we immediately thought to check him out. We looked at him, and noticed something that looked like a sore on his neck. His fur is so thick that it was hard to tell, but it did seem to be bleeding.

We called the pet adoption agency we got him from, and they recommended that we maybe try a loose bandage to keep him from scratching it. While we were discussing the matter, I saw him jump up onto the bathroom counter and begin scratching. I yelled at him to stop, and then he shook himself — and shook blood everywhere.


The walls, the ceiling, all around the small bathroom.

As new pet owners, we had no idea what to do. We were extremely worried for him. I knew I wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing that he had this wound on his neck and could be scratching it or hurting himself even more. So I cleaned the bathroom and, a bit later in the evening, we decided to take him to the emergency vet.

We hadn’t even had a chance to buy a cat carrier yet, so I grabbed a spare towel and as best I could made poor Gillie into a cat burrito. We jumped into my wife’s car and I held him on the drive to the vet. The only time we were actually outside was transferring him from the car to the vet, but he did well and didn’t even try to run off.

The vet kept him overnight. I didn’t expect it to be so heartwrenching. Driving home from the vet without our cat felt wrong. It tore me up inside so much to know that we had invited this kitty into our home and less than a week later he was hurt and we had to leave him in a strange and scary place overnight. By this point it was about midnight, and the whole situation made me feel sick with worry and sadness over this cat I’d known for just six days.

The next day, we got him back. It was a burst abcess. The vet nurse told us it happens all the time and to not worry about it. We got our little cat burrito back, and he didn’t seem too bad except that he had a cone of shame (delightfully, the vet calls them Elizabethan collars) and they had shaved some of his majestic floof. The indignity!

He seemed to take it in stride.

We had to give him some pain medication (which he was not a fan of) and some antibiotics (which he actually didn’t mind, because we could mix it into his food).

We definitely learned that Gillie is a little trouper. He did not seem overly bothered by most of this (I think I was more upset than he was about the vet visit).

We put his food bowl in a chalice to make it easier for him to eat from it.
He immediately proceeded to eat from Kiwi’s dish.

He has since fully recovered from this event (as have we), and his floof has almost grown back. But it was an adventure for sure, and a trial by fire for us as new pet owners!

2 thoughts on “The First Vet Trip (the Cats, Part 2)

  1. The look on Gillie’s face in the head shot suggests he does not approve! Having to leave Gillie at the vet’s sounds almost as traumatic as having to leave you at the hospital after you were born.


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