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A Crazy(?) Two and a Half Months (May 30th, 2020)

When I first started writing in this space, my intention was to intersperse status updates along with the stories, poems, and short fictional works which are the more common fare of this site. I wrote A Crazy Two Weeks to follow through on that intention. A couple of weeks later I wrote Easter 2020, but not a lot had changed in those intervening weeks so it wound up being more of a rumination on Habakkuk and the resurrection than an update.

Perhaps one of the more bizarre aspects of the current predicament is just how same-y each day seems. My wife and I were talking yesterday about some things that we did last weekend, and we both agreed that those things felt simultaneously like they happened yesterday and they happened sometime last year. 2020, a year that started with such promise, will be remembered by many mostly as a blur.

The reality is that for some, 2020 will be remembered much differently. If it’s a blur, it’s a blur of hospital visits, not being able to see loved ones in their final days, and tragically empty funeral services. A blur of anxiety and fear, hoping that today the unemployment check comes or wondering if being deemed “essential” is worth the risk. A blur of guilt, wondering if each trip out means death for an at-risk loved one.

Many are wondering when the world will turn back to normal. Many are wondering whether the old normal will ever come back. Some are wondering if the eventual return to normal will mean the government-provided safety nets — the only thing keeping them from sinking right now — will vanish.

For right now, we are doing well. Very aware of how privileged we are to be in the position we are.

A photo of a cake seems like the perfect segue here.

This month, we celebrated my wife’s 30th birthday while in isolation. I made her a cake, we hung out with a lot of our friends over video chat, and we all played a game together. Then the next day a huge group of our friends from church (and also her parents!) formed a parade of cars and drove by our house (a fun practice that’s really come into popularity during quarantine times. I refer to it as a “drive-by hooting”). She told me afterward that not only was it a good birthday for being in lockdown, it was a good birthday, period. I’m glad that even in these strange times she was able to enjoy her birthday.

We also celebrated the birthday of two very close friends and also my wife’s mom this month, and of course May also hosts Mothers’ Day. It’s a special month indeed that allows me to celebrate my wife, my mom, my mother-in-law, and my two closest female friends!

In short, we’ve been finding joy where we are, knowing that times are uncertain and many are grieving right now but taking each day as it comes.


One thought on “A Crazy(?) Two and a Half Months (May 30th, 2020)

  1. I will say that your blog has been one of the highlights of this isolation time! I look forward to it every day and enjoy reading it. Thanks for taking the time to do it!


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