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The Show Must Be Paused

Sometimes, the most patriotic, the most sympathetic, the most therapeutic thing we can do is just carry on. Tell stories. Dream dreams. Find a reason to laugh. Inject some normalcy into the world. Don’t let the enemy win by disrupting the status quo.

That doesn’t work when the enemy is the status quo.

When Jesus was on Earth, he spent time comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable. There’s some of that going on right now, and I don’t know about you, but I’m hurting for my friends, my brothers and my sisters, for people I know well and people I will never meet. For people I may not even like but who don’t deserve to be treated the way they’ve been. I’m feeling pretty well disturbed, and it’s a shame it took people dying for that to happen.

What is being called Black Out Tuesday is a beautiful idea by brilliant people. People who know that sometimes we need time to take a breath, to steady ourselves. Give ourselves some space to breathe, to process, to be.

This space is not intended to be political or topical. But while I currently have 7 posts completed and sitting in drafts, ready to go at the click of a button, I looked at that list and didn’t feel like posting any of them. I was just going to let today go by without a post. With silence.

But then I thought about white silence. I thought about the thousands and thousands of basically decent, not-at-all-racist white folks across the country hearing the news and thinking “oh, what a shame” and doing nothing. I thought about the status quo and how acutely uncomfortable it should be if my comfort is in spite of, or worse at the expense of, the comfort or even lives of others.

Tomorrow will be a new day with a new post, hopefully a fun story that puts a smile on peoples’ faces. But for today, the show must be paused.

Thank you for listening.


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