The 100th Post

This post is the 100th post on this blog! Amazing.

This is the second time I’ve written a post celebrating 100 posts. The first was on my other blog. On that site, I posted twice a week and hit 100 posts after one year. On this site, I posted nearly every day and it took me a bit over 100 days!

OK, so apparently I missed a few days here and there.

My original goal for this site was to Just Write. To compose some piece of writing every day. I held myself to no standard of quality or content; I wrote whatever comes to mind. Yes, there is a definite focus on storytelling and I try to stay away from opinion pieces, but it’s all here. If I didn’t feel like writing poetry, I wouldn’t make myself write a poem.

I have enjoyed the exercise of near-daily writing. I don’t know if it’s made me a better writer (there’s not much of a feedback loop, as I don’t have an editor or a vast audience telling me about my many mistakes), but I was surprised to discover how many stories I had in my head. I wasn’t sure if I even had enough material to post every day, but the more I write, the more I recall. I could probably write another 100 posts without having to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

However, I have also discovered a problem with a daily writing regimen: the things I write tend to be the things which are easiest to write. I have occasionally written longer pieces, or pieces which required more research, or pieces which just didn’t flow as easily as the others. But each one took more than a day’s worth of work, meaning that I ended up feeling like I was falling behind.

As this blog evolves, I want to leave myself more freedom to write the stuff that takes time. My goal is still to write every day (or at least to make progress on a writing piece every day…that might look more like research and less like putting words on a page). But a post might not show up every day.

Because I do like some sort of structure, I’m going to fiddle around with what exactly I want the cadence to be. Roughly, I think it will look like shorter stories a few days a week (the sort of thing I’ve been posting) and then longer stuff that comes out whenever it’s done.

I don’t really like making meta posts like this, but I figured I could use the occasion of my 100th post as an excuse to change things up a bit!

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