The St. Patrick’s Day Shirt

Back in the Before Times, I would go to the gym before work three mornings a week. Since the gym is right across from my office, I would drive in to work in my gym clothes and then change into my work clothes after my workout.

One morning I guess I was particularly out of it, because I somehow managed to forget to bring a shirt for work. I knew exactly where it was — on top of my dresser at home, about 45 minutes round trip in traffic. It was a bit like one of those dreams where you’re in school, naked. Except that I was wearing pants.

I didn’t really want to drive home and back just for a shirt, and I wasn’t about to wear my sweaty gym shirt to work. But I had a Plan B…just up the road was a Wal*Mart.

I zipped my jacket all the way up so it wasn’t obvious I was shirtless and then drove up to the Wal*Mart. It was a week before St. Patrick’s Day, so right at the front of the store was a display of t-shirts with traditional logos on them. I didn’t particularly want to show up to work in a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” t-shirt either, but thankfully there was one with a relatively tasteful shamrock in the colors of the Irish flag.

It’s not my usual style of shirt, but I’m not just going to throw away a perfectly good t-shirt. Every time I wear it, I think about the time I forgot a shirt.

…but that’s not the end of the story.

One day, a few months later, I once again forgot my work shirt!

I sighed at my forgetfulness and prepared to drive to Wal*Mart again, but then I remembered…I had seen a whole box of company t-shirts in the storage closet at work! So I zipped up my jacket again and walked in the back door right by the engineering area (I’m quite frequently the first engineer to show up at work even after going to the gym for an hour…most of my colleagues are not morning people at all). I managed to slip into the storage closet and don a company shirt with no-one the wiser!

I later told my office manager what happened and offered to launder the shirt and return it, but she didn’t care and told me to keep it. Which isn’t surprising, since they give those t-shirts out like candy at Hallowe’en.

When the day finally comes that I can go to the gym again, I will endeavor to ensure there is no third part to this story!

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