The Foiled Attack

For our anniversary, my wife and I ordered takeout from one of our favorite restaurants. We like to eat in the living room when it’s just the two of us, because it feels less formal. I put one of our tablecloths on the coffee table and set it up nicely for our dinner.

My wife folded the napkins, as I am generally useless at stuff like that.

After dinner, we were just sitting there talking. We had already cleared the dishes off the table, but the tablecloth was still there. Our cat Gillie walked under the table and sat down (he likes being in semi-enclosed spaces, so long as it’s not the cat carrier).

Our other cat, Kiwi, was in a playful mood. She hunkered down and looked like she was getting ready to pounce at Gillie.

Since I knew Gillie would be less than enthused about this, I moved the tablecloth so that it hung down between the two cats. I figured that if he was out of sight, he would be out of mind and she’d pounce on something else.

Instead, Kiwi demonstrated an understanding of object permanence by pouncing anyway. Unfortunately, she didn’t demonstrate aptitude at geospatial reasoning, since what she pounced into was the leg of the table, obscured by the tablecloth.

The poor kitty fully committed to the pounce, and thus fully bonked her noggin on the leg. She looked so confused, and slightly dazed. She ran away to go hide under the tea cart in the hallway, but I chased her down to see if she had a bump on her head! After a few seconds she seemed to be fine (and I’m fairly certain she’d already lost her last brain cell a while ago, so no harm done there), so we assumed that all was well.

We still sometimes laugh at the look of confusion and betrayal on her face as she pounced directly into the table leg though!

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