The Sushi Boat

Back when I worked at my first real job, my friend Janice was getting ready to take an extended trip to India to see her family. We decided to have a farewell party for her to see her off. As many of us love sushi, we decided to do it at a local sushi restaurant.

For those who are not familiar with sushi, it often comes in rolls, and each roll is 6 – 8 pieces. Two rolls and a side is a good meal for one person. Being a fat American and a big sushi fan, I often order three rolls. Depending on the group you’re with, each person may order rolls individually, or they may order a variety of rolls for the group. When doing the latter, sometimes sushi restaurants will bring the rolls out on a giant wooden boat.

Sushi & Sashimi Boat (for 2) | A-Aki Sushi & Steakhouse
Basically like this.

My friend Britt and I handled most of the ordering. Because there were five of us, we went a little crazy. We ended up ordering twelve rolls. That many rolls required two boats.

What we did not take into account was that not everybody in the group was as obsessed with sushi as we are. Janice, the guest of honor, tapped out after one roll. Jeff tapped out after one and a half. Marie barely ate one. This left nine and a half rolls for Britt and I.

He and I looked at one another. That night, we made a pact: no sushi left behind. We were going to kill that boat if it also killed us.

Long story short, it nearly did. But we managed to down those nine and a half rolls (we may have managed to guilt the others into taking care of another half roll among them). The boat was empty by the time we paid our check and left.

I believe that was the first really bad food decision Britt and I made together, but it certainly wasn’t the last. The rest will have to wait for some other time though, because I’m feeling sympathy stomach pains with past me just thinking about it.

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