The Birthday Gardens

As I’ve recounted some before, for my 30th birthday I took a trip to South Africa. After spending some time kicking around various places, I wound up in Cape Town.

On the day of my birthday itself, it was a Monday. My new friends were all at work. I decided to go to the local botanical garden, called Kirstenbosch.

It. Was. Fantastic.

Backing right up to Table Mountain, Kirstenbosch is a rambling, beautiful garden area with paths and flowers and animals and trees and streams…the perfect place to spend the day walking around, thinking, praying, and enjoying nature.

There were a few other people wandering about…old folks, tourists, the usual. But on a random Monday at the end of Winter, it was deliciously quiet and peaceful.

I’ve had a number of birthdays now, and many of them have been quite enjoyable. I’ve celebrated my birthday in four different countries. Last year I was in the hospital on my birthday, which I do not recommend, though it’s a great way to get strangers to wish you a happy birthday because all the nurses check your date of birth when they walk in the room! But my 30th stands out as being incredibly special, because I got to spend it in such a beautiful location in such a beautiful country.

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