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The Road to a Marriage, Part 2

Earlier, I told part of the story of the events that led up to my proposal to my wife. Since we’re nearing the anniversary of that proposal, I thought now would be a good time to continue that story!

My wife’s parents live about an hour away in Greensboro, so it’s not like I could just stop by. So I just called her dad and asked if I could swing by sometime. He suggested dinner, which worked fine for me. We set up a time and place.

One potential wrench in the works was that the forecast called for snow that day! Well, my mission was important, so I went ahead and made the drive to Greensboro.

I should mention that I am very blessed to have in-laws whom I really like, and who like me. We’ve always gotten along well, and I felt weirdly comfortable having dinner with them, even knowing that I was going to talk to them about marrying their daughter. Even so, I was very relieved and encouraged when I said “I wanted to let you know I plan on asking your daughter to marry me” and their response was a loud cheer!

We talked for a bit and then bid our farewells (they paid for dinner, which was very kind of them!) so I could get back to Raleigh.

Before I set off, I noticed that I had a text from my girlfriend asking what I was up to. As she’d been pretty clear that she didn’t want status updates, I decided to be as generic as honesty allowed: I told her I was running an errand, but that I’d head home soon.

She was concerned about the upcoming snowstorm, so told me to hurry home. I attempted as best I could to dissemble the fact that my errand would require an hour’s drive home, though later she told me that she was a little suspicious that my errand seemed to take a weirdly long time when she knew it took me about 10 minutes to get from work to home and I had a grocery store and a gas station on the way. As I told before, her mom ended up spilling the beans anyway!

With that done, I was one step closer to proposing!


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