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The Replacement Computer

When I went off to college, I brought with me my computer that my parents bought me in high school. Since I was majoring in computer science, having a working and good computer was pretty important. It would have been a shame if something happened to it….

Of course, part way through my Freshman year, something did.

I didn’t really know what to do. I was pretty good at fixing computers, but this seemed like something that at best would take a long time and a decent amount of money to diagnose and replace, and at worst would be a waste of time and a total write-off. So I did what any college kid would do under those circumstances, if the option was available: I called my dad.

We were, and are, a very frugal family. Usually the purchase of a major item like a new computer required a considerable amount of research and discussion and comparison. And rightfully so, because the purchase would be expected to last for many years, and a rash decision could end up having a significant financial impact.

Long story short, my dad had a new computer in my dorm room within a few days.

The Bible, especially the Psalms, contains many examples of people at the end of their rope crying out to God, and God answering them. I think this is a characteristic of God that we are meant to emulate. As someone who (especially back then; sometimes even now) can get anxious or worried or stressed out when it seems that things are going wrong, I deeply value a person who can be a calm, non-anxious presence and help me navigate the situation. This was my dad in that moment.

My parents have told me hundreds of times that they love me, they are proud of me, they support me…and I believe them! But seeing it in action really drove it home.

That’s another lesson I learned from my dad.


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