A Crazy(?) Two and a Half Months (May 30th, 2020)

When I first started writing in this space, my intention was to intersperse status updates along with the stories, poems, and short fictional works which are the more common fare of this site. I wrote A Crazy Two Weeks to follow through on that intention. A couple of weeks later I wrote Easter 2020, butContinue reading “A Crazy(?) Two and a Half Months (May 30th, 2020)”

The Feather

F   a     l       l       l     i   n g the feather floats         gently to the ground. Vulnerable to every stray         b       r     e   e z   e it  s     p   i n   s and twirls. It seems so helpless in the w   i     n       d. The feather knows no f   e a   r. Wherever it lands itContinue reading “The Feather”

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