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The Baby Cat

When we first adopted our cat Kiwi, she was very small. Not surprising, because she was still at the tail end of the kitten phase. As she got older, though, she didn’t grow a whole lot larger. We realized that she would be, size-wise at least, perpetually kitten-sized. Even after her third birthday, we still called her Baby Cat.

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Would the Ring turn something you’re holding invisible?

Of all the powers conferred by the One Ring, perhaps the most idiosyncratic and random is its ability to turn the wearer invisible. Why does it do this in the first place? Well, the real answer is because Tolkien wrote it as a ring of invisibility well before he knew what it was or what significance it held to his story and his world.

But since the Ring is, among other things, a ring of invisibility, it’s reasonable to ask questions about its properties and limitations.

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The Waterfall and the State Religion of Iceland

Iceland’s early settlement and history was a bit messy and difficult, as might be expected when attempting to settle a land with little wood for fuel or building, low temperatures even in summer, and winters of near-perpetual darkness. The proto-country never developed central rulership.

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The Drive Home

I went to college at Virginia Tech, about a three-hour drive from my hometown of Knoxville. As is true for most people, the transition from high school to college was exciting and scary all at once.

At the end of my very first semester, the very last exam I had to take was Introduction to Computer Science. I fully expected it to be a cakewalk (it was), but exams are always a stressful time. After the exam was over, I was going to head back home to my parents’ house.

And it was snowing.

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