The Drive Home

I went to college at Virginia Tech, about a three-hour drive from my hometown of Knoxville. As is true for most people, the transition from high school to college was exciting and scary all at once.

At the end of my very first semester, the very last exam I had to take was Introduction to Computer Science. I fully expected it to be a cakewalk (it was), but exams are always a stressful time. After the exam was over, I was going to head back home to my parents’ house.

And it was snowing.

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The Road to a Marriage, Part 4

I’ve been slowly telling the story of how I proposed to my wife. Last time I told about buying the ring. This time I’ll tell the story of finding the location.

Side note, this post is going up on the anniversary of our engagement! I had thought maybe by this time I’d actually be telling the story of our engagement, but we’re still getting there. Maybe next year ;).

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The Crock Pot Battle

When we got married, my wife and I both owned Crock Pot slow cookers. Both of us had received these cookers from our parents; I don’t know about hers, but mine had actually been given to my parents as a wedding gift. Both of us feel quite fondly toward them.

Our family of two does not, strictly speaking, need two slow cookers. Hence the on-going friendly battle over whose is best.

A battle which I am winning.

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What happened to the Nine Rings at the end of the Second Age?

After Sauron’s defeat at the hands of Elendil and Gil-Galad in the last alliance of Elves and Men, his body was destroyed. It would take him nearly a thousand years to regain power, and over two thousand years to fully reincarnate in Middle-earth. During that time, the Nazg├╗l retreated to the East, then slowly began filtering back into Middle-earth to cause problems for the Men of Gondor.

But…what happened to the Nine Rings?

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