The Phorum, Part 4: April Fools’ Day

As moderator, administrator, and chief maintainer of the message board known as the Phorum, I always played some sort of prank on April Fools’ Day. At first it was usually pretty low-key. But with the switch to the new SMF software, I had complete control over the entire system. The pranks began escalating.

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The Indian SIM Card

When I arrive in a foreign country, I always like to have a local SIM card for my phone. Despite the fact that smartphones were invented and rose to popularity within my lifetime, it’s difficult to overstate the confidence boost obtained from having a map, navigation system, translation device, and Internet access portal all in my pocket. It can of course be fun and enjoyable to venture out and explore with no knowledge or expectation of where I’m going. But I like having access to a map…just in case (though this too can backfire, as I learned in South Africa).

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