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The Capitalization Mishap

For the longest time, I believed that both cardinal directions and names of seasons should always be capitalized. Thus, I would write sentences like, “Much as migratory birds do, I like to move South in the Winter.” I am sure that at some point I looked it up, so I’m not sure if I found a source that was wrong or outdated or if I just did not read my source as attentively as I could have (all of these possibilities seem very consistent with my general way of being), but in any case, it turns out I was wrong.

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The Manual Transmission

For the longest time, I had a dirty little secret: even though I fancied myself something of a “car guy,” I could not drive stick.

I would watch Top Gear and hear them talking about how a manual transmission is the best way to drive a car, and I would see that some of the coolest and sportiest cars came either only in manual or primarily in manual, and I would feel my secret shame.

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The Forgiving Humans (The Cats, Part 5)

I wrote last time about how our cats seem relatively unfazed when they attempt to occupy the same space as our feet. In it, I showed appreciation for how they don’t hold our clumsiness (and their kamikaze foot rubbing) against us.

The opposite, however, is also true. Each of our two cats has brought some unique challenges into our lives.

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