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The Feather

F   a     l       l       l     i   n g the feather floats         gently to the ground. Vulnerable to every stray         b       r     e   e z   e it  s     p   i n   s and twirls. It seems so helpless in the w   i     n       d. The feather knows no f   e a   r. Wherever it lands itContinue reading “The Feather”



Jester sits making a ha-ha-ha soundunknown in his world which an earlierage would call laughter. Dirty windowsshow peoplestreams flowing into around buildings, eddies and whorls forming asbodies move thisway-thatway alongconcrete estuaries and out glass-doored deltas.Faces frozen in morbid rictus rainbowlinesmouths perpetually inverted.