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The Baby Cat

When we first adopted our cat Kiwi, she was very small. Not surprising, because she was still at the tail end of the kitten phase. As she got older, though, she didn’t grow a whole lot larger. We realized that she would be, size-wise at least, perpetually kitten-sized. Even after her third birthday, we stillContinue reading “The Baby Cat”


The Forgiving Humans (The Cats, Part 5)

I wrote last time about how our cats seem relatively unfazed when they attempt to occupy the same space as our feet. In it, I showed appreciation for how they don’t hold our clumsiness (and their kamikaze foot rubbing) against us. The opposite, however, is also true. Each of our two cats has brought someContinue reading “The Forgiving Humans (The Cats, Part 5)”