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Would the Ring turn something you’re holding invisible?

Of all the powers conferred by the One Ring, perhaps the most idiosyncratic and random is its ability to turn the wearer invisible. Why does it do this in the first place? Well, the real answer is because Tolkien wrote it as a ring of invisibility well before he knew what it was or whatContinue reading “Would the Ring turn something you’re holding invisible?”


Why did Treebeard say that nobody cares for the woods?

Treebeard seems to think he got a bit of a raw deal. He says: I am not altogether on anybody‚Äôs side, because nobody is altogether on my side, if you understand me: nobody cares for the woods as I care for them, not even Elves nowadays J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings, The TwoContinue reading “Why did Treebeard say that nobody cares for the woods?”

On No

My wife absolutely loves Mindy Kaling, a writer, actress, and comedian. I say “loves” charitably, because writing “is obsessed with” seems a little creepy. So in 2014, before we were married, I bought her first book, entitled Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). I’m not entirely sure what I expected from it,Continue reading “On No”