The Waterfall and the State Religion of Iceland

Iceland’s early settlement and history was a bit messy and difficult, as might be expected when attempting to settle a land with little wood for fuel or building, low temperatures even in summer, and winters of near-perpetual darkness. The proto-country never developed central rulership.

The Pen That Got Away

I’ve written before on this site regarding my obsession with pens. This is the story of my favorite ever pen, the one that got away.

The Drive Home

I went to college at Virginia Tech, about a three-hour drive from my hometown of Knoxville. As is true for most people, the transition from high school to college was exciting and scary all at once. At the end of my very first semester, the very last exam I had to take was Introduction toContinue reading “The Drive Home”

The New Republic

I was really into Star Wars when I was younger. Like, really into it. I watched all the movies, I read all the books, and of course I played all the video games.

The Contingency Employer

In an unfortunate turn of events, I found myself laid off while living in New Zealand. What’s a guy to do? That employer was my first job out of university, and I’d held that position for eight and a half years. I had never found myself unemployed before.

Axis and Allies

When I was in Boy Scouts (now just called Scouts), my Scoutmaster owned a game store. Not as in video games, but as in tabletop and board games. As you might imagine, his enthusiasm for such games rubbed off on his young charges.

The Camporee

Summer camp was pretty cool. Hikes and backcountry camping trips were our bread and butter. But the event of the year for Boy Scouts was the Camporee (pronounced camp-o-ree).

The Crock Pot Battle

When we got married, my wife and I both owned Crock Pot slow cookers. Both of us had received these cookers from our parents; I don’t know about hers, but mine had actually been given to my parents as a wedding gift. Both of us feel quite fondly toward them. Our family of two doesContinue reading “The Crock Pot Battle”


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