The Unexpected Party

For a few years (quite a few, actually, since post-graduate education can take the better part of a decade!) my brother was remotely working on a doctorate program offered by a college not too far from where I live in North Carolina. This was nice, since it meant that occasionally he would have to stopContinue reading “The Unexpected Party”

The Replacement Computer

When I went off to college, I brought with me my computer that my parents bought me in high school. Since I was majoring in computer science, having a working and good computer was pretty important. It would have been a shame if something happened to it….

The Nerf War

When I was a kid, one of the most anticipated events put on by the church youth group I attended was the somewhat-annual Nerf War. The group would rent out a gymnasium, we would set up cardboard forts, and many dozens of kids would wage war all evening. We’d spend the night in the gym,Continue reading “The Nerf War”

The Added Drama Behind the Layoff

I previously told the story of how I was laid off after eight and a half years of working for NetApp, my first job out of college. There’s…a bit more to that story though.

The Layoff

While I was living in New Zealand, I was still working remotely for my employer back in the US as a contractor.


I’m about halfway to being a pen guy. Probably most pen guys don’t think they’re all the way to being a pen guy, so it’s possible I’m deluding myself. But let me explain.

The Hopeful Wizard

Someone recently commented on Reddit that while it’s easy to assume that Gandalf the White had some sort of prescience or foreknowledge of events, that was almost certainly not Tolkien’s intent while writing The Lord of the Rings.

The Amazing Coincidence

A co-worker and I were in Serbia for work. (No, I haven’t told any stories from the Serbia trip before…they’re on the list).

The Dream

As is true for many church-goers, my wife and I have been “attending” church virtually over the past year. Our church broadcasts its services live on both Facebook and YouTube, and we can tune in from the comfort of our own living room. To be honest, it’s been a little difficult to feel at allContinue reading “The Dream”


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