The Muscle Car Fail

My wife and I were driving to get lunch after church one Sunday. We were in her car and she was driving. As we were getting on 15/501, I heard a V8 engine roaring somewhere beside and behind us. I look around, and I see a couple of muscle cars coming flying down the road we’re getting ready to merge on.

One of them, a Dodge Challenger, is really flying. I caution my wife to slow down (and she tells me she’s got it under control) as it starts fishtailing. Sure enough, in a cloud of tire smoke, the Challenger loses it and end up doing a 180 right in front of us.

All this has happened in the space of a few seconds. At this point we’re just sitting there watching to see what will happen next. As far as I can tell the Challenger didn’t actually hit anything. But then the driver (presumably a bit shaken from the experience) wisely decides to get off the road, but unwisely decides to do this by reversing his car until he backs into the guard rail by the median.

The road is clear now so we decide to carry on. The Challenger has his muscle car buddies (a Mustang and a Charger) and we have places to be.

Just a random event in somebody else’s life we had a chance to witness.

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